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faaaa-wingsThe Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in WA and with Divisions operating in every State or Territory of Australia except the Northern Territory (NT members are administered by any other Division). 

The aim of the Association is to:

  • unite former and serving naval aviation personnel;
  • maintain the bonds of friendship and esprit de corps in naval aviation;
  • assist with the welfare of former and serving naval aviation personnel and their families;
  • support the Fleet Air Arm Museum and its continued development as determined by the Custodians of the Museum;
  • provide a forum for naval aviation matters, and
  • foster the preservation of the history of aviation in the RAN.

Reasons To Join The FAAAA

  • Camaraderie. Those who served in the Fleet Air Arm are part of a very special group of people who have shared memories and experiences in one of the truly unique organisations in the world. That camaraderie goes well beyond separation from the Service, and the FAAAA is perhaps the best way to preserve and be a part of it.
  • Communication. Our website is going from strength to strength and now offers a range of news, articles and views on the FAA past and present. It will continue to grow over the coming months and years to provide a valuable source of information and advice.‘Slipstream’, our quarterly magazine is now bigger than ever and is offered both as a hardcopy periodical or on line. It too contains stories of our heritage as well as information on the current FAA.  We also send out a regular news sheet to those with email addresses (about once a month) with general items of information, and more frequently if something happens that we feel members might like to know about quickly.  
  • Progress. In 2016/17 we commissioned a new membership management system and introduced a range of common processes across the seven Divisions to bring the Association towards a truly National status. That work is ongoing.
  • Preservation. Perhaps one of the most important objectives in the FAAA’s Constitution is to help preserve our history. In recent months we have:
    • Developed a comprehensive listing of all Cat 4 and 5 RAN incidents/accidents, available to members only on line.
    • Started building a page for each person on the Roll of Honour, telling a little about them (where information is available).  This is ongoing work. 
    • Established an archive to capture images, articles, stories and memories of FAA events from the very first beginnings to the current time. It is early days for this yet but the archive is being populated and more members than ever are starting to take an interest to contribute to the work. Once they reach a mature state they will be available on the website.
    • Commenced generating historical articles to help preserve our heritage. This “Heritage” library is quite extensive and will continue to grow.
    • Established a “Snippets of History” series on the website that, as its name suggests, gives a little snapshot of an item of historical interest.  These are generally about the RAN FAA but can also sometimes cover a more general aviation flavour.  
  •  Representation. We are now an integral member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which is a major step forward. The ADSO now represents the interest of over fifty thousand ex-Service personnel and their families and, as such, has significant influence in regard to the benefits and conditions of both Serving and retired members, including ready audience with the Minister. The FAAAA has an active role in the ADSO including in the pursuit of the following 2016 priorities:
    • to pursue fair indexation for all DFRDB and other Military Superannuation Recipients
    • to seek MSBS access to Employer Benefits.
    • to tie Veterans’ Disability Payments to the Net Minimum Wage to ensure relative value is maintained.
    • to pursue a means of ensuring ADF members are adequately consulted and represented in all matters referred to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.
    • the development of a ‘Military Accord’ to recognise the unique nature of Military Service.
    • to address DVA Culture and Processes.
    • to pursue ADF member representation in the application of Vocational Training.
    • to pursue a single compensation regime.
    • to ensure that Defence Housing Authority remains a Government Entity and
    • to seek Government funding to assist homeless Veterans.

Like many ex-Service organisations our membership numbers are slowly diminishing with an ageing community and lack of interest.  The Association will cease to exist in the next decade or so if we can’t turn that around.  We need more people if we are to further pursue the above activities and become more influential still.  


Each Division sets its own fees. A table of these is included below (Fees for Full Members).

DivisionAnnual SubscriptionJoining Fee (one-off)Annual Period
ACT$30.00 for hardcopy Slipstream or $20 if soft copy.$10.00*Calendar Year
NSW$35.00 for hardcopy Slipstream, or $25.00 for softcopy.$15.00*Calendar Year
QLD$30.00$15.00*Calendar Year
SA$45.00 for hardcopy Slipstream or $35.00 for softcopy.NilCalendar Year
TAS$30.00NilCalendar Year
VIC$45.00 for Full Members.
$10.00 Associate Members.
$15.00*Calendar Year
WA$50.00 if hardcopy Slipstream $40.00 if soft copy SlipstreamNilCalendar Year
*Joining fee is waived for applicants who are currently in full-time ADF Service, or for Applicants who were registered previous members of the Association.

Applicants who join part way through an annual period are generally asked to pay the pro-rata subscription relating to that Division.   If you have been a previous member (i.e. your membership lapsed) or if you are in uniform, you will not be re-charged the Joining Fee where it is still applicable.

Slipstream Magazine

The FAAAA’s quarterly magazine “Slipstream” contains news and views of the Association and the Fleet Air Arm more broadly.  If you have an address in Australia you can receive this by post (hard copy), or you can elect to read it on-line (the application form will ask you whether you prefer hard or soft copy).  To read on line you must be a current member of the FAAAA.  Overseas members do not have a postal option.

How to apply

All you have to do is fill out the simple electronic form here: Apply.  You will receive an email acknowledging your application, and the Division you have indicated will then contact you with further details including payment options (cheque or EFT).   Filling out the Membership Application Form does not commit you to join, but we do ask that you don’t fill in spurious applications.

If you prefer, you can print out the paper application form here: Apply.  All mailing instructions are included. 

More Questions?

If you have any further questions please use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the foot of this page.

Apply To Join

Who Can Join the FAAAA?

Only former or serving personnel of the RAN or other Navies who have served for not less than 12 months in naval aviation or in support of naval aviation may be admitted as Full members

Any other person who is interested in Naval Aviation but who is not entitled to join as a Full Member may be admitted as an Associate Member. They need not have served in the RAN or any other Service.  An Associate member is not entitled to cast a vote at any FAAAA meeting but otherwise has the same rights as a full member.


Each State (except NT) has its own Division, which operates as an entity.  Each has different fees and has slightly different management styles in the way they administer members.   In most cases people choose to join the Division of their own State, particularly if they are living in the Capital City or nearby (or Nowra environs for NSW), as these are generally where meetings and social gatherings occur.  NT members are usually administered by QLD or WA.

Having said that there is no reason why any person of any address can’t join any Division of their choice.  Simply enter your preference on the membership application form.  If you subsequently move to another Division there are no transfer costs or differential refunds.