Mystery Photo No. 49

Mystery Photo No.49 is of a group of biplanes on the foredeck of a ship, taken just over 100 years ago: 
The picture has special historical significance, so we would like to know:

What is the name of the ship,
What type of aircraft they are, and
What is the special significance of this image?

You can use the “Contact Us” form¬†[…]

RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam Awarded Unit Citation for Gallantry

Forty-six years after it was disbanded, the RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam has been awarded a Unit Citation for Gallantry (UCG). 
The actual Citation, which is a rhodium-plated rectangular frame surrounding a ribbon of deep green, is a warrant presented to selected ADF Units for acts of extraordinary gallantry in action. The Citation consists of a certificate to the unit, signed by the¬†[…]

Warbird Relic Hunters

Anybody who likes restored aircraft will love this story from our friends at Vintage Wings of Canada. 
As the introduction says: 
“As¬†the Second World War came to a close, thousands of war-surplus combat and training aircraft were stored at storage, repair or disposal facilities across Canada. British¬†Commonwealth Air Training Plan Airfields began to fill up¬†with the discarded¬†implements of war‚ÄĒAvro¬†Ansons and¬†Lancasters, Bristol Bolingbrokes,¬†[…]

Vampire Rebuild

One of the few ex-RAN Vampires to survive the scrap heap is to be refurbished by a private collector. 

Mr Steven Demanuele recently contacted the FAAAA to ask if we had any photographs of A79-840, which he has purchased and intends to restore.

According to ADF Serials, this aircraft was originally purchased by the RAN for¬†¬£45,000 and was delivered in September 1954.¬†[…]

Veterans & Veterans’ Families Counselling Service


Who is VVCS?
VVCS provides free confidential counselling and group program services to support the mental health and wellbeing of the Australian veteran and ex-service community and their families, irrespective of which theatre they served in.
The VVCS Legacy
The Vietnam War was a difficult chapter in Australia‚Äôs history. For those who served, the experience forged strong bonds and a commitment to look out¬†[…]

Mystery Photo No. 14 Answer

Mystery Photograph No 14 was kindly supplied by Phil Thompson

The above photograph shows a small RN biplane landing on an aircraft carrier.  Can you tell:

What type of aircraft is it? (easy question)

What the name of the aircraft carrier is? (ditto)

The name of the Australian FAA pilot aboard, and

What marked it as a special occasion? 


The (almost) correct answer was¬†[…]

Snippet of History 2: Wessex Salvage

Photos of a downbird team recovering a Wessex from Pigeon House mountain in 1978.  Any further detail on the time and people involved would be welcome.

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A4G Skyhawk History

A4G Skyhawk history page – edited by Phil Thompson here¬†[…]

The Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia aims to unite former and serving Naval Aviation personnel. It encourages membership for anyone who has been associated with operating, maintaining or supporting the RAN Fleet Air Arm at sea or ashore.

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