Electronic Slipstream

TimeCoverFor some time now there has been discussion in the FAAAA regarding the benefits of publishing our quarterly magazine Slipstream electronically:  they include the ability to see all pages in full colour, fast dissemination and reduced costs, amongst other things.  Electronic publishing (‘soft copy’) will also meet the expectations of our younger members, who want to access their reading material on line. 

Against these benefits are the needs and expectations of more established members who are not necessarily computer literate, or may not have suitable hardware to access on-line material.  These members still want to see a hard copy of the magazine in their post box once a quarter. 

Accordingly, the FAAAA Federal Council has endorsed having soft-copy Slipstream option for on-shore members.   Those who want to continue reading hard copy need do nothing: provided they are a current member they will remain on the mailing list.  Those who are happy to read Slipstream on-line, however,  can make a nomination to that effect – they will then be removed from the mailing list and can access the magazine in the “Members Only” section of this website.  You will see that some previous issues are already there.

Electing to be removed from the hard copy distribution will help stabilise costs and may result in a subscription reduction in due course (see below).  It will also help save a tree or two!  Don’t forget you’ll need to Register on this website (if you haven’t already) so you can access the “Members Only” area where Slipstream will be published. (If you do elect to read online and then change your mind you can easily ask to be put back on the distribution list again).

Your Division may choose to reduce membership subscription rates for soft-copy members, but that’s entirely up to them. Currently only WA Division does this.3d man sitting on ebook word reading a red book isolated illustration

Overseas members will not have the option of hard copy due to the very high postage rates. These members can access the on-line version of the magazine.  If any overseas member wishes to specifically receive hard copy they may do so but will be asked to pay the additional postage.  Please use the “Contact Us” form on the home page if you want to pursue this option. 

So, to recap:

  • If you wish to continue to receive Hard Copy (except Overseas members), do nothing.
  • If you wish to discontinue Hard Copy and read Slipstream on-line, please complete the short form below: