FAA Centenary Dinner/Dance May 17

Early photos of the FAA Centenary Dinner Dance held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum on Saturday 20 May 2017.  Attended by almost 300 people, the occasion was a stunning way to commemorate the one hundred years elapsed since the RAN first embarked an aircraft operationally.   Our thanks go to COMFAA and his team and Terry Hetherington (Manager FAAM) for presenting a truly spectacular night. 

Below:  Chief of Navy, VADM Tim Barratt, makes a short opening address to welcome guests to the evening.

Below:  A general shot of the backdrop to the stage.  Image: Marcus Peake

Below: A historic artefact display case was unveiled, honouring Commander Fred Sherborne, RAN (Rtd). CMDR Sherborne – who later rose to the position of Commander Air at HMAS Albatross in 1958 – was shot down in his F4F Grumman Wildcat over Chateaurenard, outside Avignon in the south of France in 1944 during the Second World War. He was rescued and hidden by the French Resistance sympathizers and his plane was hidden in a nearby river. Northrop-Grumman Australia sponsored the repatriation of various relics from CMDR Sherborne’s aircraft and donated the display case in which the artefacts will be held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.  Left to right:  CDRE Chris Smallhorn (COMFAA); Mr Ian Irving (CEO Northrop Grumman Australia); Mr Guy Sherborne (son of CMDR Fred Sherborne), and Mr Terry Hetherington (Manager FAA Museum).  RAN Image: POIS Kelvin Hockey.

Below (L-R): Mr Terry Hetherington, Rear Admiral Mark Campbell, CSC, RAN, and Commander Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Smallhorn, RAN, reveal the commemorative artwork which celebrates the Centenary of Australian Naval Aviation and the aircraft that have been flown on the RAN inventory over the last 100 years.  You can still acquire a copy of this artwork but there are only a few remaining. Click here to order.  RAN Image:  POIS Kelvin Hockey.

Below: Commodore Chris Smallhorn, RAN, Warrant Officer Ben Sime, MG, Stacie Sime and Keith Payne, VC, appreciate the portrait of WO Sime which was revealed at the Centenary of Australian Naval Aviation Dinner Dance. WO Sime is the FAA’s highest decorated member.   RAN Image:  POIS Kelvin Hockey.

Below: Commander Fleet Air Arm (COMFAA) makes the Official Address, in which he recounted the major steps of the last one hundred years of RAN Aviation at sea.  Navy Image: POIS Kelvin Hockey.

Below:  Five shots of the Dinner/Dance, held in the FAA Museum.  It was particularly fitting to remember one hundred years of RAN aviation whilst sitting under and between past aircraft of the FAA. Images: Marcus Peake