Awaiting General Photograph of WN456


Aircraft History

Type:  AS1
Delivery Date: 08 May 1956 
Side Numbers: 433/B, 312/Y,  811/M, 884/M, 815/M, 312Y, 884NW., 811M
History: Served on 816 Sqn. Ditched fatal 23/03/65 off HMAS Melbourne.
A/SBLT(P) J.M.Hutchison RAN, LT(O) Bessel-Browne & LAUC K.Ryan. On landing on HMAS Melbourne caught number 4 wire, hook broke and A/C trickled off angled flight deck and went into sea. Pilot lost but remainder of crew safe.
Disposal:  Aircraft lost in accident.

A25 Accident Report and associated documentation.




Above. A snapshot of Sub-Lieutenants Errol Kavanagh and John Hutchison.  Kavanagh was to serve with distinction in the Navy, rising to command 805 Squadron before leaving to fly with Qantas. He was killed in a MIG15 accident on 13 March 1993 – the investigation report can be found here.  Hutchison lost his life in the accident described on this page. (Image via Phil Thompson).

GANNET WN456 Navy_News-April-2-1965 7


Below.   There was little tangible evidence left aboard, aside from the broken bill-hook and witness marks of the tail hook strike and heavy breaking (RAN images).