Awaiting general photograph of XA350

History of the Aircraft

Delivered:  08 May 1956
Type: AS1
Side Numbers: 316/ 881/ 817
History: 817 Sqn. 01 November 1956 made the first live Mk 30 torpedo drop in the RAN near Manus Island whilst being flown by LCDR(P) Gledhill,LEUT(O) Palmer & SBLT(O) Selsmak RAN.
Damaged 27/08/59. 816 Sqn.
Ditched 16/03/63, off HMAS Melbourne near Manus Island.  Flight control lost after engine relight.Crew LEUT (P) J Smith RAN LEUT(O) I.Lawson & Observer P.Hancox rescued & returned to HMAS Melbourne.
Disposal:  Aircraft not recovered from ditching. 

Below.  XA350 in Davey Jones’ locker.  Although the aircraft was destroyed by demolition charges the following day, there were obviously pieces still remaining.  There was a rumour that one of the cockpit canopies was subsequently seen fitted to a local canoe, suggesting that the indigenous population took advantage of what was left.  (Image:  Ian Lawson)


Below. Excerpt from HMAS Melbourne’s Log for 1963.  Paragraphs 14-16 refer to the Gannet.