Below: XA403 immediately after handling accident aboard Melbourne, July 1961.  Photo: Ron Marsh, who was the engine maintenance rating for that aircraft and was walking alongside it carrying chocks when the mishap occurred.  The accident was most likely a combination of poor communication between the pilot and marshaller, and movement of the ship as it rolled to starboard as it was turning into wind.

Gannet XA403-1

Aircraft History

Type:   AS1
Delivered: May 1956
History:  Served with 817 Squadron.   Damaged aboard Melbourne July 1961 during taxying/handling accident.  Aircraft being marshalled to Fly One after aborted launch (possible u/s radio lead) when slid off the edge of the deck during roll to starboard.  Pilot Barry Lovett.  Aircraft was repaired. 
Withdrawn:  15 August 1967.   Used for firefighting, HMAS Albatross.

Gannet XA403-2