Awaiting General Photograph of XG888

Aircraft History

Type:  AS1
Date of Delivery: 09/1958
Side Numbers:  09, 58
Disposal:  Returned to Royal Navy and converted to T.5.  Returned to Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra. 




Top:  Navy News article describing the acquisition of XG888 from the RN.  Above: two faces of XG888. On the left, standing outside a hangar in Lee-On-Solent (UK) in June 1994 (Photo Joop de Groot); whilst on the right, back in the FAAM museum in Nowra – still wearing the Brit paint scheme. 

Below:  Repainting the aircraft to RAN colours, date unknown.  Photo Dave Masterton via Jeff Chartier. GannetXG888PaintJob