FAA Jets History

A former A4G Skyhawk pilot has produced comprehensive PDF files covering the operations of the Fleet Air Arm’s A4G Skyhawks and other jets, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters of the RAN.

The material has drawn together images, information and videos from many contributors, from Navy archives and from past editions of Navy News.

Following the production of a number of interim versions, a final 4.4GB PDF has now been completed and published on the internet.

The PDF (and video files) are available free but as these files can be large (up to 4.4GB), users should follow the download instructions carefully.

The PDFs and videos, along with detailed download instructions, are available free from these websites: (videos various)
Skydrive hosts files below 100Mb – there are many individual FAA aircraft types (also side number/A4G) PDFs/videos hosted here.