Skyhawk A4G N13-100051 (870)

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Brief aircraft history:

  • Delivered to RAN 08/71.
  • Unloaded from HMAS Sydney onto RAN Lighter AWL 304 at Jervis Bay 11/08/71 then by road transport to Nowra.
  • Was one of the aircraft that made up VF 805s Checkmates aerobatic team in the ’70s.
  • With VF805 13/05/74.
  • 17/7/75, collided with ‘872’ recovered to Nowra with Hydraulics failure. The hook took the arrestor gear and the nose gear collapsed.
  • Aircraft repaired. With VF805 21/10/76.
  • Crashed 23/01/79, due to turbine failure/engine fire 24Km south-east of Braidwood, NSW. 

Mid air Collision 17 July 1975

See assessment of this accident here.

Navy News article 01 August 1975

Navy_News-August-1-1975 10

Loss of Aircraft 23 January 1979

SBLT C. Tomlinson ejected and picked up by RAAF helicopter. RAN Ejection number 8.

A transcript of the accident Statements by SBLT Tomlinson (Pilot) and LCDR Kavanagh (Authorising Officer) can be read here.

Read brief excerpt from VF805 Squadron Record here.