Skyhawk A4G N13-155061 (874)

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Brief History:

First flight 31/07/67 (as A-4F).
Served in Vietnam on USS Ranger with VA-155 26/10/68 – 17/05/69,
On USS Hancock with VA-212 02/08/69 – 15/04/70.
During deployment in Vietnam a HE round exploded one metre from the end of the cannon damaging the RH side node area.
Purchased by the RAN as one of the second batch.  Refurbished to A4G standard.

Delivered to RAN 08/71.
Unloaded from HMAS Sydney onto RAN Lighter AWL 304 at Jervis Bay 11/08/71 then by road transport to Nowra.
On board HMAS Melbourne, ‘Spithead Deployment’ 28/04/77 to 04/10/77 with VF805
Greenham Common Air Tatoo, Berkshire UK, 25/26 June ’77 static display.
Exercise ‘Highwood’ 5-20 July ’77, North Sea.
Flew at the Nowra Air Day December ’77 as part of a four ship display (standard VF 805 markings).
Withdrawn from RAN service 30/06/83 and stored for sale.
To RNZAF 07/84 as NZ6216.
Converted to A4-K specification under Project Kahu
See New Zealand Skyhawk page for RNZAF Service.
Donated by RNZAF to Omaka Museum in NZ.