Skyhawk A4G N13-155069 (877)

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Brief aircraft history:

  • Last A-4F built. First flight 29/06/67 (as A-4F).
  • Served in Vietnam on USS Ranger with VA-155 26/10/68 – 17/05/69,
  • On USS Hancock with VA-212 02/08/69 – 15/04/70.
  • Severely damaged in a wire strike 02/07/69 with USN. Fuselage was bent and never fully repaired.
  • Before transfer to RAN the aircraft had 712.5 flight hours logged.
  • Delivered to RAN 08/71. Unloaded from HMAS Sydney onto RAN Lighter AWL 304 at Jervis Bay 11/08/71 then by road transport to Nowra.
  • With VF805 24/01/72.
  • Withdrawn from RAN service 30/06/83 and stored for sale.
  • To RNZAF 07/84 as NZ6218, Converted to A4-K specification. Later upgraded under Project Kahu
  • 2012 sold to Draken International. Lakeland, Florida USA. 1/03/2013 registered as N147EM.

Aircraft Images

Below:  877, now rebadged as RNZAF NZ6218, flipped over whilst landing in a rainstorm at RAAF Townsville on 03 June 1985.  The pilot was unhurt but the severely damaged aircraft required repatriation to New Zealand by C130 and almost five years of repair work, using the rear fuselage of an ex-USN ‘Blue Angels” airframe. It was returned to (NZ) service on 23 March 1990, and subsequently sold to Draken International.