Skyhawk A4G  N13-154905 (884)

Brief Aircraft History:

First flight July 26, 1967.
Unloaded from HMAS Melbourne onto Navy barge in Jervis Bay 23/11/67 then by road to Nowra.
Allocated to VF805
VC 724 markings, launched from Melbourne August 7 and landed at RNZAF Ohakea, based out of there until August 17 when landed back on the Melbourne.
One of the last four A-4s flying – 30/06/83 to 30/06/84 with VC 724.
Withdrawn from RAN service June 30, 1984.
To RNZAF 07/84 as NZ6213 Converted to A4-K specification. Later upgraded under Project Kahu See New Zealand Skyhawk page for RNZAF service history.
2012 sold to Draken International. Lakeland, Florida USA. 1/03/2013 registered as N143EM.

Above. 884 on the catapult. Note the PMBR (Practice Multiple Bomb Rack) on the starboard wing. The bombs were made of solid steel with fins and a smoke/flash cartridge in the nose and were used for practice bombing as their trajectory as similar to larger, live weapons. 

Above: Ex RAN Skyhawk N13-154905 (884) was sold in 1984 and served with the RNZAF until the combat arm of that service was phased out.  It was subsequently bought by Draken International and is pictured undergoing maintenance  in Lakeland, Florida.  (Image by Kenneth Strohm).