Sea Fury Video Library


Hawker Sea Fury – Ultimate Piston Fighter.’  Of British origin,  this video explains the background to the aircraft and the story of its development.  It has excellent footage of deck operations with explanations throughout.   Well worth a look if you have the time.  1:10:56 Colour & B&W. Sound. 


Nat Gould, an RAN Sea Fury pilot,  walks us through straight deck operations and tells us something of the difficulties of landing the Fury.  4:15  Colour & B&W. Sound.


An Australian War Memorial Video entitled “Sea Fury & Firefly Deck Landings HMAS Sydney c1951”.  Lasts for 12 minutes, during which the FAA apparently destroys most of its aircraft.  12:28 B&W Silent. 


A British Pathe film about dummy deck landings at Nowra.  Of some interest as it shows a apparently suicidal LSO, and the technique used to guide aircraft to the deck.   0:58 B&W Sound.