All information courtesy of “ADF Serials”, to whom we extend our grateful thanks.

Model/Type C/N USAAF
Aircraft History
N2-23 n/a C-47A 11973 42-92199 Delivered to the RAN 11/04/50.
RAN Codes:801/NW, 861 & 901.
Prop Strike on takeoff 25/10/67.
Aircraft had flown 3728 Hours at 12/70.
Withdrawn 9/74 Passed to Dept of Admin Services (DAS) for disposal. Sold to Navair at Bankstown in March 1977. Subsequently sold to Masling Airlines Cootamundra 17/1/77 to provide a source of spares for Masling’s sole operational DC3. Saved from the scrap heap by the Lions Club at West Wylong where it was restored to static display in 1983 (in RAAF livery as A65-23) for the centre of town.
N2-43 n/a C-47A 12542 42-92711 This aircraft was built for the USAAF as a DC-3A-456
C-47A-10-DK Skytrain, s/n 42-92711. It was transferred to the RAAF as a Dakota on March 19, 1944, serialed A65-43 (call-sign VHCUW).One of two RAAF C-47s inspected by the FAA 05/07/49. Transfered to the RAN free of charge per Internal Voucher #2398 dated 30/11/49. and Reserialed N2-43 01/12/49. Aircraft was reconditioned prior to delivery to RAN.”Served with 851 sqn, 723, 724 and 725 Sqn’s as ‘NW-900’, ‘NW-860’, ‘NW-800’.
Fitted out as a Flying Classroom at one time to train Sea Venom and Gannet Observers. If one looks at its long nose and a Sea Venom they will see the resemblance as AI-17 and ASV radar was fitted to the aircraft. Sea Venom radar in the nose and Gannet radar (Ekco ASV-19B) in the rear of the aircraft protruding underneath. When acquired C/W, morse code was the main communications used.
Taken out of RAN service on 12/01/70 it had been flown 3,181.30 hours.
In 1976 it was allocated to the Australian Fleet Air Arm Museum at HMAS Albatross.
N2-90 n/a C-47B 32883 44-76551 Delivered to the RAN 23/02/68 with 6071.5 flight hours.
RAN Codes:802/NW. c/n: 16135. 851 sqn 1968.
Had flown 6424.14 Flight hours at 12/70.
Withdrawn 04/74.
Apprentice Training Establishment, Schofields NSW.
To Historic Flight HMAS Albatross 1985 to fly as VH-NVZ.
Historic Flight discontinued. Left in weather for many years until bought by Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) in Nov18.  Stored at Air Affairs, Nowra.  Moved by road to HARS main base on 13/7/20.  Intent is to return it to 1954 Royal Tour Livery (RAAF), although whether it will ever fly again is subject to ongoing assessment.   
N2-123 n/a C-47B 34221 45-958 Delivered to the RAN 21/02/68 with 5128.35 flight hours.
RAN Codes:803/NW.
Withdrawn 10/73 and sold in USA 20/06/74.