Aircraft History:

  • First Flight 28 November 1962.
  • Ditched 19/11/74 off Beecroft Head NSW. Pilot Lt(P) P Davidson RAN SBLT(P) Jackson RAN SBLT(O) J.D Jones RAN and LSA Payne crew. Engine failure in hover. Only one inflation bag operated – ircraft turned upside down and sank. 
  • Crew rescued safely by Wessex 815. (N7-205).  See account here

Aircraft Images and Other Information:

Wessex_N7_208_Photo_Kim_Dunstan.sizedWessex 818 on Melbourne’s Flight Deck. Photo: Kim Dunstan.

Aircraft Ditching

Wessex 818 ditching (1)


Loss of Wessex 818:  Excerpt from 725 Squadron’s Line Book (Courtesy Phil Thompson)


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