N7-219 Aircraft History:

  • First Flight 24/04/63. 
  • Ditched 18 June 1970 whilst with 817 Sqdn off Singapore. LEUT(P) P.Bainbridge, LEUT(P) Lawson, SBLT(O) Wong and LACM Smith were picked up by Wasp helicopter from HMS Euraylus. 
  • Aircraft recovered and used as a training aid at Nowra. 
  • Reported to have been used as a fire training aid at RAAF Richmond. 
  • Main fuselage and damaged tail boom at Dubbo Military Museum as of 9/07/2003.  The museum reportedly closed in 2006 and current whereabouts of N7219’s remains are unknown. 

Aircraft Accident Details:



Click camera graphic to see short video of helicopter recovery




Two images of the salvage of N7-219 by HMAS Stalwart 18Jun70.