Aircraft History:

  • First Flight 06/08/63.
  • Served on HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Stalwart.
  • 8/04/68 During a normal flight the aircraft suffered an engine overspeed. The pilot LEUT J.W Nichol and Co-pilot SBLT R Giffen managed to regain control of the aircraft and nurse it back to HMAS Melbourne. 
    On the way the Observer, SBLT M. Bayliss and the aircrewman POACM Trainor were ordered to abandon the aircraft. They jumped into the sea and were picked up by HMAS Parramatta. The Wessex landed safely aboard the carrier. 
  • Instructional Airframe 08/07/87. 
  • Fleet Air Arm Museum 1991. 
  • South Australian Aviation Museum, Port Adelaide 2000. Currently on display SAAM.



Below.  Display material on Wessex 834 on display at the South Australian Aviation Museum, Port Adelaide.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 09.40.53

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