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Wirraway Airframe Histories

Most of the information contained in the table below is by courtesy of ADF Serials, to whom we offer our grateful thanks.  The job would have been infinitely harder without their work!


 Type To RAN Aircraft History
A20-139 CA-7
1948/49 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/10/40.
With 3SFTS 25/11/40.
29/11/40 overshot strip on landing and hit drain. Repaired.
04/03/41 to 2SFTS.
20/04/42 to 7SFTS.
07/12/42 held off on landing, Deniliquin. Damaged starboard mainplane and u/c. Pilot was Lac O J Bugg Ser #408171.
11/10/43, The aircraft was damaged while it was being taxied. At the time it had 1597 flight hours.14/02/45 to Clyde Engineering for overhaul.
04/06/45 to 4OTU.
15/11/45 to storage. Upgraded to Cat C 08/11/48.
17/09/48. Transferred to the Royal Australian Navy
The aircraft was struck off charge 195?.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd.
A20-141 CA-7
1948/49 Rec 1AD ex CAC 25/10/40.With 3SFTS 25/11/40.
04/03/41 dropped wing on landing. Repaired.
05/05/41 Rec 2SFTS.
07/07/41rec 7 SFTS. At 15:15 hrs on the 08/10/43 the engine failed during dual formation flying. A forced landing was done and the aircraft stuck a fence. The aircraft had 1513 flight hours at the time. Crew; F/O N.V McWinney (pilot) and LAC R.A Wood. Modified to CA-20 05/05/45 at Clyde Engineering. Rec 8OTU 30/07/45. 26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage.08/10/46 Cat C Storage.
09/08/49 transferred to the RAN.
Issued 22/09/49.
Allocated the side number 904.
The aircraft crashed at Nowra 18/06/53
A20-145 CA-7
 1948/49 Modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN.
Side number 901/904
Crashed Nowra 06/53 (see photos)
Struck off charge.
Sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-176 CA-7
 1948/49 Received 1AD ex CAC 22/11/40, allocated to 4Sqn ex-1AD 28/11/40, in service with 4Sqn 06/01/41, while taxying 07/03/42 hit support of camouflage netting and damaged port wing tip. Repaired by 11/03/42. Issued and received at 12RSU 09/11/42. Returned to 4Sqn 18/11/42. Suffered forced landing at Walgou Strip 22/03/43 due to engine failure. Repaired. Mid Air Collision with A20-98 on 30/04/43 4Sqn Crew was Pilot, Sgt. L A Stephens Ser#405608 and WAG, Sgt. B Dempsey Ser#403816 who made a forced landing at Bankstown, with damage [Bent airscrew, oil cooler buckled, port main plain damaged, starboard wing slightly damaged, centre section and tank badly mutilated (24Sqn A50 description). Aircraft went to Clyde Engineering for repairs and modification to Dive-Bomber specifications. Allocated and issued to 5SFTS 28/10/43. 27/12/43 issued and received to CFS from 5SFTS. Issued and received 21/02/44 to 5SFTS. Crash landed 13/03/44 with major damage and allocated to Clyde Engineering. Issued to Clyde Engineering 15/03/42. Repairs underway 27/03/44. Progressing 30/06/44. Wiring completed 21/07/44, Adjustments and further repairs 28/07/44. Allocated 2OTU ex 2AP 26/10/44. Received repaired at 2OTU 28/10/44. Issued and received at 7AD ex 2OTU 15/11/45.
Approved for RAN FAA use 17/09/48.
Transferred to RAN FAA 20/04/49 ex CMU Tocumwal.
The aircraft registered as VH-WWY and painted as A20-176 is really A20-81.
A20-28 CA-1
 1952 Rec 01/12/39 ex CAC at 1AD. 02/01/40 issued to 25Sqn. 30/05/40 Damaged Starboard wing tip. Repaired. Rec 2SFTS 05/10/40. 20/02/41 wing drop on landing damaging wing tip at Wagga. Pilot was F/Lt Marn and Lac J H Perry Ser#402751. OK. Repaired. 16/12/41 forced landing with u/c retracted 1 mile NW of Wagga. Pilot was F/Sgt K A Richards and Lac R O Patterson Ser#409218. OK. Rec 5SFTS 01/04/42. 16/04/42, successful precautionary landing without damage.
10/04/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul.
19/09/44 Rec 8OTU. To 7Ad for storage 29/10/45.
17/08/48 Cat C storage.
24/02/51 Cat B for overhaul.
19/09/52 selected for Royal Australian Navy.
01/10/52 Rec by RAN. 1957.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-133 CA-5
 1952 Served with 2 OTU Mildura 1943. Mid Air Accident 17/07/42, A20-315, piloted by , F/Sgt C T Adams, was making a section attack on two target aircraft when he overshot and struck port main plane and tail wheel of #2 Target aircraft A20-133, during break away manoeuvre, piloted by P/O B T Stapledon. Pilot of A20-315 abandoned his aircraft and parachuted successfully. On the 25/05/43 while the aircraft was landing the aircraft struck a soft patch near the end of the landing run and nosed over and finished on its back. At the time it had 940 flight hours. Crew; SGT L.D Winten (pilot) and F/O T.W Livessey (Passenger).
Transferred to the Royal Australian Navy 28/8/52.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd. in 1957. 
A20-168 CA-7
 1952 Rec Ex CAC 1AD 22/11/40. 09/12/40 in Service with 3SFTS. Collision with A20-135 whist taxying. Damage to centre section of leading edge.Repaired.14/04/41 with 2SFTS.08/06/41, precautionary landing due to low oil pressure, tyre puncture, damaging port flap and landing lights. Repaired. 09/04/42 Rec 5SFTS. 126/04/42 Precautionary landing, but severely damaged on landing when aircraft flipped over. Repaired.15/11/44 Rec at Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Modified to CA-20. 08/04/45 Rec at AGS. Stored 14/11/45. 17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 31/01/51 Cat B Storage to CAC for Survey and overhaul, R Service. 22/02/52 Rec 2AD for Service.
19/09/52 Selected for Royal Australian Navy Service.
30/09/52 issued ex 2AD to RANFAA Nowra per Order AS822 and RAAF File#9/1/1772.
It was given the Number 972. 1952.
The aircraft was struck off charge..
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-238 CA-8
 1952 Rec 1AD ex CAC 30/03/41. Rec 2SFTS 31/03/41. Taxying accident when it struck A20-240 24/02/42 damaging Main Plane. Repaired.25/03/42 Rec 5SFTS. 28/09/42 struck boundary marker on landing damaging Starboard wing and flaps. Repaired.10/02/44 to Clyde Engineering for Overall. 02/07/44 Rec 2OTU. Rec 8OTU 10/07/44 for storage.26/11/45 rec 7AD for Storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage. 24/07/51 upgraded to Cat B. 22/01/52 Rec 2AD.
30/09/52 transferred by flight to the RAN at Nowra. RAAF Approval #AS822 9/1/1772 Dated 25/08/52.
Given Side Number 904, with tail code NW.
The aircraft was struck off RAN charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-469 CA-9
 1952 Rec 1AD ex CAC 12/12/41. Rec 24Sqn RAAF 05/02/42. Accident 14/05/42 when aircraft landing in cross wind damaged wingtip. NFDs. Rec 2AD ex 24Sqn 22/06/42. Rec 24 Sqn ex 2AD 01/07/42. Rec 7RSU ex 24 Sqn 23/08/42. Rec 24 Sqn ex 7RSU 07/09/42. Issued to Clyde Engineering for D/B Modifications 11/03/43. Rec 24 Sqn ex Clyde 23/03/43. Accident 1045hrs 06/04/43, forced landed 4.5 miles north of North Bulli Pass after engine failure. Crew Sgt N A Stronach Serv#405778 and Sgt K C Garing serv#409537 WAG uninjured. Rec 11RSU ex 24Sqn RAAF 11/04/43. Rec 4OTU ex 11RSU 10/06/43.Rec 2OTU ex 4OTU 22/03/44. Rec 8OTU ex 2 OTU 12/07/44. Accident 05/09/44 when on landing roll following circuits and landings at Narromine NSW, student applied port brake and flipped aircraft on back. Pilot, Sgt Charles Milton Hawdon Serv#439761 (slightly injured) and Instructor Pilot, F/O W R Binning Serv#421881 who was not injured. Rec Clyde Engineering 13/09/44 ex 8OTU. Rec 2AP ex Clyde Engineering 18/12/44. Rec 79Sqn (F) RAAF 29/12/44. Rec 6AD ex 79 Sqn RAAF 15/01/45. Allocated 2OTU for use by NEI Training 02/03/45. Rec 2OTU ex 6AD 14/05/45. Accident 03/06/45 when aircraft was forced landed wheels up 15 miles SE of Lake Boga at Lake Charm. Pilot, P/O N R Ellis Serv#413183 and W/O D G Harden Serv#432892 not injured. Rec 7AD for storage 19/02/46. Stored Cat C 01/10/46. Stored Det B 1AD 31/01/51. Rec 2AD ex 1AD for overhaul 17/03/52.
Modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN at Nowra 30/09/52.
Navy Side Number #902 applied.
The RAN retired the aircraft from service 1955.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-752 CA-16
 1952 Rec 1AD ex CAC 22/05/46. Rec CMU Tocumwal ex 1AD 07/07/46. To be stored Cat B 29/07/46. Rec CFS ex Tocumwal CMU 20/08/46. Accident 1520hrs 08/12/47 when aircraft scrapped starboard wing on landing at East Sale. Pilot, FLt J M Nairns was not injured. Issued 1AD ex CFS 02/08/48. Rec Det B 1AD ex 1AD 09/02/50. Rec 2AD ex Det B 1AD 17/03/52.
Selected to be modified to CA-20 and transferred to the RAN 19/09/52.
Issued ex 2AD to Naval Station Nowra 01/10/52.
Released to Navy 25/08/52.
The aircraft wore the navy number 971 during service.
Retired from Navy service.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-209 CA-7
 1953 Rec 1Ad ex CAC 17/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41. Issued 7SFTS 02/06/41.22/11/41 1545hrs, stalled on landing at 20 feet at Deniliquin. Damaging both oleo legs and starboard wing. Pilot was Lac D J Unkles Ser#408766 and Lac C I Winter-Irving Ser#408717.Both un-injured. Repaired. 13/09/44 Rec AFRU ex 7SFTS. 26/02/45 issued to Clyde Engineering for overhaul. Modified to CA-20. 28/06/45 Rec 2OTU.08/10/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.31/08/51 Rec CAC for overhaul. 27/03/51 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook.20/07/53 Rec 1AD ex 1BFTS.
30/11/53 transferred to the RAN.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-211 CA-7
 1953 Rec 1AD ex CAC 29/01/41. To 3SFTS 09/02/41.25/02/41, 1615hrs, aircraft made a wheels up landing due to fuel exhaustion after becoming lost at Kyoomba, near Stanthorpe Qld, damaging u/c and main planes. Both crew, Lac N H Collier Ser#414318 and Lac J T Campbell Ser#402347 were un-injured. Repaired Issued 7SFTS 02/06/41.10/11/44 issued to Clyde Engineering ex 7SFTS. Now CA20, 23/04/45 Rec 8OTU.30/08/45 aircraft landed with u/c up due to mechanical fault at Parkes.Repaired. 26/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C 17/08/48.13/09/51rec 2AD ex 1Ad for servicing.10/07/52 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook ex 2AD.15/07/53 issued to 1AD Toc.
30/11/53 transferred to the RAN.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-214 CA-7
 1953 Rec 1Ad Ex CAC 14/02/41. To 2SFTS 24/02/41.09/04/42 to 5AD ex 2SFTS. 29/06/42 Rec 5SFTS. 30/04/43 Rec 2OTU. 28/07/43, 1115hrs, suffered engine failure on take-off Mildura and was heavily damaged. Pilot was F/Lt J C Hastwell and Sgt J H Crompton Ser#414005 both OK. To Clyde Engineering. Repaired. Modified to CA-20. 31/01/44 Rec 7SFTS.18/09/44 Rec AFRU. 19/03/45 Rec 5SFTS.24/05/45 Rec 8OTU.24/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage.17/08/48 Cat C Storage.27/11/51 Rec CAC for overhaul.19/06/52 Rec 1BFTS Point Cook for service and storage cycles. 10/07/53 Rec 1AD.
Transferred to the RAN 30/11/53.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-225 CA-7
 1953 Rec 1AD ex CAC 28/02/41. Rec 2SFTS 07/03/41.09/04/42 Rec 5AD. 15/07/42 Rec 7SFTS. 30/08/44 Rec 5SFTS.31/10/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.27/03/45 Rec 2AD. 30/03/45 Rec at 8OTU.19/11/45 Rec 7AD for storage. Cat C Storage 17/08/47.20/07/51 Rec at CAC for overhaul. Cat A Service 24/07/51.30/10/52 in service with 1BFTS Point Cook.
30/11/53 transferred to the RAN by air.
The aircraft was struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-250 CA-8
 1953 Rec 17/04/41 1AD ex CAC. Rec 2SFTS 30/04/41. 08/09/41 aircraft bogged on landing and nosed over. Pilot was LAC D C Willmott. Repaired 12/09/41.30/03/42 Rec 5SFTS.14/02/43 Rec ANA Airways for service. Rec 01/04/43 5SFTS.15/11/44 Rec Clyde Engineering for overhaul.09/04/45 Rec 2AD ex Ansett via 2AD.Rec 2OTU 08/04/45. Rec 7AD 08/10/45. Storage Cat C 17/08/48. 27/05/51 CAC for overhaul.22/04/52 Rec 1BTFS Uranquinty. Held in storage.
Transferred to the RAN 30/11/53.
The aircraft was later struck off charge.
The aircraft was sold to Lund Aviation Pty Ltd
A20-490 CA-9
 1953 Rec 1AD ex CAC 01/01/42. Issued 5SFTS 09/03/42. Accident 2230hrs 14/12/42 at Uranquinty when aircraft was taxying, it collided with A20-543. Pilot, LAC Wilfred Frank Sparrow Serv#421092 was slightly injured. Issued ANA 19/04/43. Rec 5SFTS ex ANA 07/06/43. In service with 5SFTS to 1945. Earmarked for post war use 29/07/46. Stored Cat C. Rec 1AD ex Uranquinty 07/04/48. Rec CAC ex 1AD 06/12/48. Issued Station Point Cook ex CAC 05/12/49. Rec 3Sqn RAAF ex Point Cook 07/02/51. 04/03/52 down graded to Cat B Storage. WEF 01/04/52. Rec 1BFTS ex 3Sqn RAAF 01/05/52. Rec Det B Tocumwal ex 1BFTS 10/07/53.
Transferred to RAN ex Tocumwal 30/11/53.