The Fleet Air Arm Association has received a request from Mr Henry Parker, who is looking for any ex-FAA members who might have served at RNAS Anthorn (HMS Nuthatch) when it was still in commission.  Mr Parker is leading a project to install a memorial to the air station and its personnel, and is seeking their input.  You can contact him at

For those that may not know, Anthorn air field (also known as RAF Anthorn, RNAS Anthorn and HMS Nuthatch) was an airfield approximately 430KM north-northwest of London.

The airfield was built in february 1918 as a Fleet Air Arm (FAA) airfield. It was abandoned after World War I ended, however. The RAF reinstated the airfield at the beginning of World War II as an emergency landing ground for nearby RAF Silloth. The site was taken over by the Royal Navy in December 1942, and renamed the site RNAS Anthorn. It was commissioned in September 1944 as ‘HMS Nuthatch’. The airfield served as No. ARDU (Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch Unit), a unit that accepts aircraft from their manufacturers and prepares them for operational use. The last official flight took off from the airfield in November 1957. It was then put on Care and Maintenance, before it closed down in March 1958.