Mystery Photo No. 44

Mystery Photograph Number 44 was kindly provided by Ian Henderson.  It shows an aircraft carrier secured alongside with a number of people on the quay in the foreground:

Can you advise the webmaster of:

  1. The name of the Carrier?
  2. Which dock/port it was in?
  3. The name of the officer in the centre of the picture, and of the woman to his left?
  4. The rough date it was taken?
  5. What the occasion was, and
  6. For a BIG brownie point, the name of the guy in the white suit with his back to the camera?  (Hint: you’d need to know the answer to question 5 to have a reasonable guess). 

Please use the ‘Contact Us’ box at the foot of the page to submit your answer, quoting MP44. 

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