Mystery Photo No. 45 Answer

Mystery Photo No. 45 was kindly provided by Ron Marsh.  It showed a fixed wing aircraft on deck. 

We asked if you could tell us:

  • What type of aircraft it was?
  • What ship was it aboard?
  • When you think it was? 

Doctor Richard Kenderdine provided the most complete answer, as follows:

The aircraft is a Westland Wyvern based at RNAS Ford (‘FD’). The Wyvern was developed as a torpedo fighter with first flight in December 1946. It was originally fitted with a Rolls-Royce Eagle piston engine but development of that engine was terminated. Subsequently it was re-engined with turboprop power. One prototype had a Rolls-Royce Clyde (a relatively easy adaptation) and another two had an Armstrong-Siddeley Python, this re