Names Wanted

Below.   Can you help us with any of the names of the numbered individuals in the photo below?   Also the approximate date and what the occasion was.  Use the “Contact Us” box at the foot of the page to send in your advice. 

Thoughts so far (happy to stand corrected):

The photo was taken in 1981 in 2 Delta Centreline Mess when the Captain of Melbourne, CDRE Mike Hudson, presented LCDR Bofinger (number 14) with the MBE (Meteorological Bullshit Extraordinaire) medal.  We believe it was the second last or last night at sea. 

[2] CPO Jock Fraser (dec.)
[3] Rex Dry
[4] ‘Curly’ Guilk (dec.)
[5] ‘Chip’ Dale

[6] Bill Shanks
[7] Ian Stinton
[8] Nick Tatarinoff?
[9] Graham Roderick? 
[10] Ted Wynberg? (with hair)

[12] Bob McIlwain
[13] Budgie Parrott
[14] Ian Bofinger
[15] Dave Hale
[16] Sniffy Snedden
[17] Jim Wynne

[18] Bob Young