Names Wanted

We are looking to find the names of the folk of the 1st Contingent seen below, boarding a QANTAS jet. In particular, we would like the names of people labelled 6,7,8, 14, 15, 16 and 18.  You can click on the image to make it bigger, and use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the foot of this page to submit your thoughts. 


    Our best guess so far is (names in red need particular confirmation:

(1) POACM O’Brian “Darky” Phillips (KIA 21Aug68). (2) LAMAE Kev French. (3) LACM Terry “Brooksie” Brooks. (4) LACM Jeffery “Lil Mac” McIntyre. (5) LSPHOT John Dawe. (6) POAMAE John Frederick Clark. (7) MECHAE R.J. Bennett. (8) MECHAE Kevin Brennan. (9) Lt Ray Jones (O). (10) Lt Gordon Edgecombe (O). (11) Lt Foxy Cronin (O). (12) Sub Lt Ray “Beachball” Godfrey (P). (13) Lt Bruce “Crow” Crawford (P). (14) POEAW Roy Muscio. (15) POEAC B.J. Ryan. (16) Captain David Wells (CO HMAS Albatross). (17) Lt Cdr Patrick “Pat”  Vickers (P)(KIA 22Feb68). (18) Cdr Ken Barnett (P) (CMDR(Air) HMAS Albatross).