NSW Division AGM – March 2018

NSW Division AGM – March 2018

The Annual General Meeting for the NSW Division will be held in the White Ensign Club building (adjacent to the Fleet Air Arm Museum) on Wednesday 14th March 2018, commenting at 1130 (note different time from usual meetings). 

The meeting will consider any ‘Notices of Motion’, which are essentially ideas or suggestions concerning the NSW Division.  You are invited to submit any such Notices.

All existing office holder positions on the committee will also be ‘spilled’, and replacement office bearers will be elected.    You are invited to make any Nominations. 

If you wish to submit either a Notice of Motion, or a Nomination for a Position on the committee (or both), please fill out the form below and click on the ‘submit’ button.  If you prefer, you can download a paper form here and post it to the Secretary at the address upon it.  

Please note that if you wish to make either a Motion or Nomination, you must also provide the name of a Proposer and Seconder, in accordance with Clause 8(c) of the NSW Division constitution. This states: “Only Full and Life Members shall be eligible for election to the Committee. To be elected to the Committee such  members must … be  proposed and seconded by financial members of the Association. Nominations must be in writing and in the hands of the Secretary  at least 7 days prior to the AGM”  

Any questions on the AGM should be addressed to the current Secretary,  Terry Hetherington. 

Form of Nomination for the NSW Division AGM

  • Fill in Section "A" below if you wish to submit a Notice of Motion for consideration of the Committee
  • Section A - Notice of Proposal of Motion

    I, being a financial member of the NSW Division, wish to submit a Motion for consideration of the NSW Committee, as follows:
  • and/or

    Please fill in Section B below if you wish to Nominate for one or more of the positions listed.
  • Section B - Notice of Nomination

    I, being a financial member of the NSW Division, wish to nominate for Election to the following position(s) on the NSW Committee for the 2017/18 term. (Please select those you wish to nominate for).