Advice has been received that Raymond Dennis Morgan R94258, who is on our Wall of Service, has passed.

Ray’s death was caused by drowning, eight and a half years after he paid off from 20 years service with the Navy.

He entered the Navy on the 7th January 1964 as a JR. Most of his service was at HMAS Albatross on 816 & 851 Squadrons.

Ray lived at Greenwell Point and became a licensed fisherman after paying off, which he loved. The afternoon of the 28th July 1992 he went to lay some more crayfish pots as he’d had a good catch from the night before. This was the beginning of the crayfish season. The wind changed while he was out and he was washed out of his 14’ aluminium runabout while trying to return back to land, resulting in his drowning.

Ray left behind a widow, Jan, who remains in the Nowra area.