Aircraft Carrier HMAS Vengeance

Aircraft Carrier HMAS Vengeance

HMAS Vengeance

HMAS Vengence sailing to Australia with her flight deck loaded with aircraft and freight, and two of her three Sycamore helicopters overhead.

The Colossus class light fleet carrier HMAS Vengeance was commissioned into the RAN on 13 November 1952 and sailed to Australia from the UK early January 1953. The ship carried additional Sea Fury and Firefly aircraft and three new Bristol Sycamore helicopters. ‘Vengeance’ was on loan from the RN pending the completion of work on HMAS Melbourne which was being fitted with an angle deck.

Upon arrival in Australia the plan was for ‘Vengeance’ to be prepared for service in the Korean War together with HMAS SydneyHowever, during her work-up period in Australian waters ‘Vengeance’ was found to be unfit for service in a war zone and was confined to local waters. But in April 1954 HMAS Vengeance escorted the Royal Yacht ‘Gothic’ during the first visit to Australia of Queen Elizabeth [11]. Later HMAS Vengeance was sent to Japan to collect aircraft and on 29 October 1954 loaded the RAAF’s 77 Squadron Gloster Meteor jets onto her flight deck for return to Australia.

HMAS Vengeance was returned to the RN in 1955. In an interesting turn of events she was then sold to the Brazilian Navy in 1956 and continued in service as ‘Minas Gerais’ until 2001.

Commissioned: 13 November 1952 (RAN)
Displacement: 13,190 tons
Aircraft: 37
Crew: 1,076 (670 in Korea as aircraft transport)
Engine: two sets Parsons geared turbines, two shafts, 40,000 shp
Speed: 24 knots
Range: 7,350 miles at 20 knots
Withdrawn: 1955 (returned to RN)