Anzac Class Frigates

Anzac Class Frigates

The Anzac class frigates are based on the German Meko 200 frigate design, with eight ships introduced into RAN service.

The Anzac class ships are long-range escorts with roles including air defence, anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. Powered by a combined diesel or gas (CODOG) propulsion plant permits speeds in excess of 27 knots with an operational range of more than 6,000 nautical miles.

Each Anzac frigate is fitted with a package of air surveillance radars, omni-directional hull mounted sonar and electronic support systems which interface with a combat data system.

The ships’ main armament comprises one five inch (127 mm) gun capable of firing 20 rounds per minute, ship-launched torpedoes and a MK 41 vertical launch system for the Sea Sparrow point defence missile.

The ship can embark a multi-role Sikorsky S-70B-2 Seahawk helicopter to enhance anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and search and rescue capabilities. Embarkation of a helicopter also provides the ship with the capability to deliver air-launched torpedoes.

Displacement: 3,600 tonnes
Length: 118 metres
Beam: 14.8 metres
Ships company: 164
Propulsion: one General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine, two MTU diesels, driving two controllable pitch propellors
Speed: 27 knots
Weapon systems: one 5 inch Mk 45 Mod 2 automatic rapid fire gun, Sea Sparrow anti-air missile system, two Mk 32 triple-mounted anti-submarine torpedo tubes, six 50 calibre machine guns
Aircraft: one Seahawk helicopter