Fairey Firefly AS.5/AS.6

Fairey Firefly AS.5/AS.6

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The Fairey Firefly was a carrier-borne, two-seater (pilot and observer) anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft. It was also used in the ground attack role and for target towing. The RAN bought 108 Fireflies and operated them from HMAS Sydney and HMAS Vengeance. AS.5 Fireflies from HMAS Sydney saw active service in Korea with targets centred on land communications. Three aircraft were lost in combat.

The AS.6 Firefly was similar to the AS.5 but without 20mm cannons. The AS.6 had superior avionics and could carry non-directional sonar-buoys to improve ASW capability, including an ASH radar scanner under the starboard wing and long-range fuel tank on the port. Like the AS.5 they could carry rockets, bombs or depth charges. The Fireflies were replaced by the Fairey Gannet.


Fairey Firefly AS-5 specifications:
Type: carrier-borne fighter, anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft
Manufacturer: Fairey Aviation (UK)
Delivered: 108 aircraft, 1949-53
Engine: one 2,250hp Rolls Royce Griffon 74, 12 cylinder piston engine
Armament: 4 x 20mm Hispano cannon, 2 x 1000lb bombs, 8 x 60lb rockets
Speed: 385 mph

Range: 582 miles (standard fuel), 1,070 miles with two 90 gallon drop tanks

Withdrawn: 1968