Fairey Gannet AS1/4 & T2/T5

Fairey Gannet AS1/4 & T2/T5

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The Gannet was the first aircraft to fly with a double airscrew turbine unit, giving it the advantages of a twin-engine in a single engine configuration. The RAN’s Gannet aircraft were used both in anti-submarine and search roles. Operating from HMAS Melbourne, they were eventually replaced by Grumman Tracker aircraft, but units remained in the RAN until 1969.

The Gannet could variously carry torpedoes, depth charges, bombs, flares, marker buoys and sonar buoys in its large bomb bay. Bombs or depth charges could also be fitted to two under-wing carriers. Alternatively up to 16 X 60 lb 3-inch rockets could be carried under wing. In a search and rescue role a ‘G-Dropper’ containing a large inflatable raft could be carried on a wing bomb carrier.

Apart from its ASW role the Gannet was very capable of offensive action against surface shipping and land targets.

Manufacturer: Fairey Aviation, UK

Type: carrier-borne anti-submarine aircraft
Delivered: 36 aircraft, 1955-58
Crew: three
Engine: one 1,950 eshp Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 100 turboprop or one 3,035 eshp Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 101 turboprop
Speed: 299 mph
Range: 662 miles
Armament: 2 x torpedoes in bomb bay, 16 x 60 lb rocket projectiles under wings
Withdrawn: 1955-69