Fairey IIID

In 1921 the RAN acquired six Fairey 111D floatplanes, which were operated by the newly formed RAAF. The original plan was for the Australian cruisers to use them as spotter planes and survey work. However they were too big and unwieldy and government financial constraints restricted their use. But the Fairey 111D was a sturdy aircraft and the RAAF and the RAN worked together on fleet cooperation and survey work. This including a five month assignment in 1924 operating with HMAS Geranium [modified to carry a 111D on the stern – see Photo Above] surveying the Great Barrier Reef – the first RAN survey ship to carry an aircraft. Another highlight for the Fairey 111D was when Wing Commander Stanley Goble and Ivor McIntyre, in 1924, circumnavigated Australia in 44 days – a feat that attracted worldwide acclaim. The Fairey 111D’s were finally scrapped in 1929 .

Manufacturer: Fairey Aviation Co. Ltd
Type: spotter/reconnaissance seaplane
Delivered: 6 aircraft, 1921
Crew: three
Engine: one 375 hp Rolls Royce Eagle VIII
Speed: 106 mph
Range: 550 miles (at 100 mph)
Armament: 1 x Vickers machine gun forward, 1 x Lewis machine gun aft
Service: embarked in HMAS Geranium
Withdrawn: 1929