Kanimbla Class Amphibious Warfare Ships

Kanimbla Class Amphibious Warfare Ships

HMAS Kanimbla and HMAS Manoora were originally built for the United States Navy and were acquired by the Royal Australian Navy in 1994. Both ships had extensive modifications for their new roles as helicopter-capable amphibious transports.

Their primary role was to transport, lodge ashore and support an Army contingent of up to 450 troops, their vehicles and equipment. Manoora was fitted with a helicopter hangar capable of supporting up to three Navy Sea King helicopters or four Army Black Hawks.

Army landing craft could also be carried on the forward flight deck to provide ship-to-shore transport. Accessed through a stern door, 810 square metres of storage space was available on the vehicle deck for Army vehicles and other large items of equipment.

Kanimbla was fitted with the largest and most comprehensive medical facilities in the RAN Fleet, with a 40-bed hospital incorporating full surgical and recovery facilities. Two helicopters could operate simultaneously from the aft flight deck, while a third could operate from the flight deck located forward of the bridge.

Both ships were withdrawn from service in 2011.

Displacement: 8,534 tonnes
Length: 159.2 metres
Beam: 21.2 metres
Ships company: 182
Propulsion: six ARCO 16-251 diesel engines
Speed: 20 knots
Weapon systems: one 20mm Vulcan Phalanx close-in weapons system; 50 cal Browning machine guns; SRBOC self-defence system
Cargo capability: 2 LCM8 landing craft; 3 Sea King or 4 Blackhawk helicopters