SpazSinbad A4G


‘Spaz Sinbad,’  aka Phil Thompson, has over the years amassed an extraordinary collection of over 12,000 pages of photographs, documents and videos regarding (principally) carrier borne fixed-wing aircraft including RAN A4G Skyhawks. 

The collection records a unique historical period in the Fleet Air Arm and the media file is certainly worth a long look.

Click on the image above to access the latest version (April 2017). This is a 4.4GB PDF file on GoogleDrive.  Please note that the file cannot be viewed on line by a Google reader or any other third party reader application, but must be downloaded to your computer where you can view it at your leisure with the latest version of Adobe Reader suitable for your operating system (free here from Adobe).  Once you have identified the above file on the web, right click it with your mouse to download it.  The file is large so be patient!

the link to the Microsoft OneDrive version can be found here;
a link to the older folders (still worth a good look) is here, and
a number of Phil’s videos are available on YouTube here

(Note that if you are not registered with OneDrive or Google Drive you won’t see the files. Register for free and then use the links.  It’s well worth the visit!)