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The Life of V.A.T. Smith

The extraordinary story of the life of Admiral Sir Victor Alfred Trumper (“VAT”) Smith is about to be published and you are invited to submit an expression of interest in securing a copy.

VAT was just 13 when he joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1927, where he specialised in aviation.  The clouds of War took him to the UK where he quickly established himself as a bold and decisive officer who led by example and was an inspiration to all around him. Shot down twice, he also survived the sinking of HMS Ark Royal and the cruiser HMAS Canberra. 

After WW2 VAT was closely involved in the decision to form a dedicated RAN Fleet Air Arm and saw his protege in action from his position as Executive Officer of HMAS Sydney, our first aircraft carrier,  serving off North Korea.  Later postings included command of frigates, our last aircraft carrier and the Naval Air Station at Nowra.

Crafted by Graeme Lunn, himself a respected Fleet Air Arm (and later British Airways) pilot,  the book is extraordinarily well researched and written to give a complete account of one of our finest officers who, rightly so, has been nicknamed “The Father of the Fleet Air Arm”.

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