WA Remembrance Day Photographs

WA Remembrance Day Photographs

Here are some photographs from the Mandurah Remembrance Day, supplied by WA Division.  As it turned out, the WRANS Association were having their annual gathering at Mandurah this year. Half the girls in the group had served at Albatross – names too numerous to mention.

Luvly Ladies

Skinhead, Phyllis, Donc & Marie


Picture 1:  Lovely Ladies: the local WRANS’ gathering at Mandurah 2015

Picture 2: Skinhead, Phyllis, Donc and Marie


Picture 3: Skinhead, Donc, Uncle Geoff, Paki, Baz, xMAA

Picture 4: Paki and Baz.

Skiinhead, Donc, Uncle Geoff, Paki, Baz, xMAA

Paki & Baz

Photos courtesy of Greg Kelson