A.P. 4487A – P.N.  [Pilot’s Notes] GANNET A.S.1 (Complete) 2nd Edition Sept 1957.


“The Aeroplane” Magazine April 1949.  Detailed article on the Gannet Double Mamba engine.  A technical article describing the build and specifications.


PowerPoint presentation by Noel Dennett, who flew Gannets during the early 60’s, on deck operations aboard Melbourne.  Aimed at the layman, this presentation gives an overview of the launch and recovery process including some interesting insights into these evolutions and the Gannet, in particular.  Clicking on the icon will download the file to your computer for perusal.

Gannet Electronics.  A summary of the electronic equipment fitted to early models of the aircraft, courtesy of  David Mowat (ex LREM(A))

‘A Formidable Submarine Hunter’.   Extensive article from “The Aeroplane” magazine 13 July 1956.