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Join The Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia

If you served in the RAN Fleet Air Arm or of an Allied Navy you are eligible to join the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia (FAAAA) as a full member.   If you did not serve, but have an abiding interest in Naval Aviation, you can join as an Associate Member.

The FAAAA is a fully incorporated not-for-profit organisation with Divisions operating in every State or Territory of Australia except the Northern Territory (which is looked after by QLD).  Each Division operates as an entity but there is an elected National Executive with responsibility for overseeing and representing the national interests of the organisation.

The blue box below will provide a link to an application form.  Please read the information on the rest of this page, however, including how much membership costs. 

How to Apply

All you have to do is fill out the simple electronic form.

You will receive an email acknowledging your application, and the Division you have indicated will then contact you with further details including payment options (cheque or EFT).   Filling out the Membership Application Form does not commit you to join.

If you prefer to fill out a paper form (hard copy) you can download one here PAPER FORM and follow the instructions upon it.

The aim of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia is

To unite former and serving Naval Aviation personnel

To maintain the bonds of friendship and esprit de corps in Naval Aviation

To assist with the welfare of former and serving Naval Aviation personnel and their families

To support Australia’s Fleet Air Arm Museum

To foster the preservation of the history of Aviation in the RAN

To provide a forum for Naval Aviation issues


Being a Full member of the FAAAA entitles you to:

  • Four issues of our quarterly magazine ‘Slipstream’ per annum;
  • A monthly electronic newsletter;
  • Access to commercial discounts, offers and benefits as they occur from time to time (presented on our website);
  • Advice regarding welfare, where possible;
  • Access to the “Members Only” section of the website, and
  • The camaraderie of belonging to a unique club of special people.


FULL MEMBERSHIP: Only former or serving personnel of the RAN or other Navies who have served for not less than 12 months in naval aviation or in support of naval aviation may be admitted as Full members. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: A person who has interest in the Fleet Air Arm but is not entitled to join as a Full Member may be admitted as an Associate member. 


Each State except NT has its own Division.  Each has different fees and has slightly different management styles in the way they administer members.   Normally,  people join the Division of their own State, particularly if they are living in the Capital City or nearby (or Nowra environs for NSW) as these are generally where meetings and social gatherings occur.  NT members are usually administered by QLD.

There is no reason why any person of any address can’t join any Division of their choice.  Simply enter your preference on the membership application form.  If you subsequently move to another Division there are no transfer costs or differential refunds.


Each Division sets its own fees, as follows:



Applicants who join part way through an annual period are generally asked to pay the pro-rata subscription relating to that Division.   If you have been a previous member (i.e. your membership lapsed) you will not be re-charged the Joining Fee.

Slipstream Magazine

The FAAAA’s quarterly magazine “Slipstream” is available only to members of the FAAAA.   It contains news and views of the Association and the Fleet Air Arm more broadly.  If you have an address in Australia you can receive this by post (“Hardcopy”), or you can elect to read it on-line (“Softcopy”) – the membership application form seeks your preference.  You can see a library of previous editions (not including the most recent ones) by clicking here.

FlyBy Newsletter

‘FlyBy’ is a monthly electronic newsletter is available to any person who is a member of the Association.  It contains articles of general interest, stories, letters from contributors and general news and views.  You can see a library of previous editions (not including the most recent one) by clicking here.