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SpazSinbad A4G

‘Spaz Sinbad,’  aka Phil Thompson, has over the years amassed an extraordinary collection of over 16,000 pages of photographs and documents regarding the RAN Fleet Air Arm and its activities over the years, together with other pages of interest.

The collection is a unique historical record of the Fleet Air Arm and the PDF file is certainly worth a long look.  It is about 2.5GB in size and stored on Microsoft ‘One Drive’.

Click here to access the latest version (as of Sept 22).

This will open the Microsoft ‘One Drive’ site. You don’t need to register to access it.

There will be just a line of text at top of the page with a small download link to click on, then a download dialog. It is a very large file so be patient!

The PDF file is too big to browse directly through OneDrive, so always download it before opening, and then browse off your computer.  To browse you can use the latest version of Acrobat Reader DC which you can get here for free.

Depending upon which web browser you use it may not be obvious that the PDF is downloading.  Use combination of keys Control CTRL + J together to see the download happening. In EDGE and SAFARI the download just starts. Don’t try to use Internet Explorer 11 as the URL will not work.

In Firefox it is not so obvious that after clicking on the download text that the PDF will start to download (to where ever the download folder is located on computer).

The FAAAA, along with every other organisation or individual with an interest in the FAA and its history, is indebted to Phil for the extraordinary work he has done  and his willingness to freely share it.