Snippets of History Index


Our ‘Snippets of History’ are, as their name suggests,  little snapshots of events or eras that are of historical interest to our readers.  Simply click on any of the images below to be taken to that page.  

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FirstDL-1The First Launch, The First Landing

Fairey111DThe Geranium Embarkation


Ikara 1Ikara Trials

Spitfire1Spitfires at NAS Nowra

Sea Otter JN-200Sea Otter JN200

SopwithBaby2History of Piston Engined Aircraft in the RAN

Baume1The Enigma Man

Brisbane 1.0004 ships mascotBrisbane’s Baby

BaadeTitle2Big, Baade & Not Very Beautiful

7189884-3x4-700x933The World’s Greatest Aviator

TSR2-1Born to Die: the TSR-2

HeadingPhotoFinalOperation BURSA

Avro504L-7The Avro 504 Experiment

albatross1-aa00The RAN’s First Aircraft Carrier

leutvatsmithVAT Smith – Father of the Fleet Air Arm

Flying in the HP-42: A Bygone Era

A Century of RAN Flying

The First Landing Underway: Edwin Dunning

Calibrating HMAS Melbourne’s Mirror Landing System


The ‘Shine Angel’ Rescue in Korea