Life Members


A Life Member means a person who has been admitted to that class of membership by the Federal Council, who is deemed by a majority vote of that body to have provided extraordinary service to the Association.

This honour has been conferred on the following Association members (shown in chronological order where possible):

Name Date Division
Robertson, Andrew (Honorary) (dec 2020) U/K New South Wales
Smith, Nannette (Honorary) (dec. 2017) U/K New South Wales
Jordan, Les (dec.) U/K Victoria
Bushe-Jones, Theo (dec. Jun 2022) 1992 Western Australia
Tate, Ronald (dec.) 1993 Western Australia
Devereux, Hilton John (dec.) 1994 Western Australia
Christie, Ron 2002 Victoria
Dadswell, Toz 2004 Victoria
Matterson, Les (dec. 2017) 2002 South Australia
Ikin, John 2004 Victoria
Arnold, John 2005 New South Wales
Lee, Jim 2007 New South Wales
Heneghan, Mike 2008 New South Wales
Lister, Barry 2008 Queensland
Webster, Earnest (Harry) 2008 Western Australia
Wise, Greg (dec. Apr 2024) 2008 New South Wales
Bushe-Jones, Colin 2009 Western Australia
Conlan, Clem (dec.) 2009 Victoria
Geale, Robert (dec. 2009) 2009 New South Wales
Harrison, Roger 2009 South Australia
Jost, Brian (Jo) 2009 Western Australia
Laidler, Ian 2009 South Australia
Berry, John (dec. 2017) 2010 South Australia
Blair, Mick (dec.) 2010 Queensland
Green, John (dec. 10Nov21) 2010 Western Australia
Suriano, John (Jack) 2010 Western Australia
Cooper, Dinsley (dec. 2012) 2010 South Australia
Fish, Aubrey (Tom) (dec. 2017) 2011 Western Australia
Mulvihill, Denis 2011 New South Wales
Selsmark, John 2011 Western Australia
Simpson, Barry 2011 Tasmania
Stubbington, Michael 2011 South Australia
Tite, Trevor 2011 Queensland
Saywell, John (dec.) 2011 South Australia
Clark, Alan (dec. 2020) 2012 Victoria
Kelly, Des 2012 Queensland
Mayer, Ralph (dec. 2015) 2012 Victoria
Champion, John (dec Nov 2021) 2013 Victoria
James, Winston 2014 Western Australia
Ralph, Neil 2014 New South Wales
Brown, John 2015 Western Australia
Cain, Michael 2015 South Australia
Ferguson, Ian (dec. 2017) 2015 New South Wales
Siebert, John 2015 South Australia
Batchelor, Ron 2016 NSW Division
Downton, John (Honorary) 2016 National Executive
Hetherington, Terrence 2016 NSW Division
Murrell, Ray 2016 QLD Division
Taylor, Keith 2016 Western Australia
Daws, Bevan 2017 Western Australia
Vickridge, Geoff (dec. 2019) 2017 Western Australia
Kelson, Gregory 2018 Western Australia
Martin, Dick 2019 New South Wales
Stewart, John 2022 QLD Division
Peake, Marcus 2022 NSW Division


List last amended: 22 April 2024