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This page will provide links to General Information regarding our aircraft past and present.   It remains a work in progress.  If you have any document or other material that you consider would be of interest to the Naval Aviation Community please contact the Webmaster


Early Paint Schemes of FAA Aircraft:  1949 to 1974(ish)

Explanation of RAN Aircraft Codes by Jeff Chartier

HUMOUR & SATIRE [Click on images to enlarge]

JETpilotCartoonAsSeenByEDThe Military Pilot as seen by others.  Published date not known.  Author/Artist not known.





Origin of Aviators_Page_1

The Origin of Aviators.  A brief history of where the mysterious secret society of AV8-ion was born.



An ODE to the Whirlwind Pilot.  By Ron Gent.  Presented to the Wardroom HMS Osprey 1981.