Mystery Photo No 54.

lapelpin1WINGS LAPEL PINS FOR SALE.  Please click on the graphic to find out more, including how to sponsor a Pin for a Navy Pilot or an Aviation Warfare Officer on graduation. 


  • Aliens Ahoy!  US drafts new procedures for reporting UFOs. Read more here.
  • Aussie Tigers deploy overseas by air and sea. Read more here.
  • V-280 prototype achieves low speed agility tests. Read more here.
  • Australia begins special forces transition to MRH90.  More details here.
  • Australia takes its Tigers to Sea. Read more here.
  • Sea Fury radar incident revisited – in great detail. Read more here.

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Vietnam Vets Reunion 16-18 Aug 19.

     Tracker Reunion       23/24 Oct 19.

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