New FAA History

By Webmaster

The FAAAA is honoured to be able to publish a Thesis by Dr. Sharron Spargo, who prepared it as part of her Degree of Doctory of Philosophy in 2016. She advises me that the work is currently being rewritten in preparation for publication as a history of the Fleet Air Arm, in its own right.

Any readers who have served in the RAN Fleet Air Arm will relate to this work: it traces the evolution of the FAA from the very early days though to the present, and in doing so delves into detail of the truly memorable post WWII parts of our history: the Korean Conflict and Vietnam in particular. But it is not a dry history, as some are. It contains the names and thoughts of many names that we recognise: ship and squadron mates who served with us, and whose insights into circumstances and events are of themselves great interest.

I commend it to you as a body of work that serves to capture, from a fresh perspective, the life and times of this the very best Arm of the Royal Australian Navy.

Our grateful thanks go to Dr Spargo for allowing this work to be published on our website.

Marcus Peake Webmaster 10Jun17