Slipstream Archive

The most recent editions of Slipstream are not stored in the archive. They can only be found under the “Members Only” menu at the top of this page. You must be logged into the website as a member before you can see them in the menu.

Slipstream is the quarterly magazine of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia.

The Slipstream Archive Library is now complete. It contains past copies of all available published magazines in .pdf format, except for the four most recent (which are stored behind the Firewall in our “Members Only” section). Magazines in the archive are available to read on your screen or download for later perusal should you wish.

These magazines present a fascinating series of snapshots of the RAN Fleet Air Arm since 1957 and are provided for the enjoyment of any person who has an interest in them.

Slipstreams were produced in two main ‘batches’. The early batch commenced in the 1950s and ran through to September 1963, when production was terminated. The modern ones commenced with Vol 1-1 in January 1990 and continue to this day.

Magazines in the library are displayed in their date order, with the earliest at the lower end of the archive and the most recent at the top.


Slipstream Magazines and their contents are the property of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia. The material within them is provided for personal use and may be accessed on line and/or printed strictly for that purpose only. Articles or photographs may not be reproduced for any other purpose without the express permission of the Association. Please use the “Contact Us” box at the foot of this page if you wish to seek such approval.

Becoming a FAAAA Member

Any person who is serving or who has served in the RAN Fleet Air Arm is eligible for membership.  People posted to units in direct support of the Fleet Air Arm will also be considered.  The Association also encourages membership for anyone who has been associated with Naval Aviation in any Commonwealth or allied Navy.  

Also, people who have a direct interest in Naval Aviation but have not served in the FAA can apply to become Associate Members. 


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