Good afternoon to all;

Theo Bushe-Jones was born on 27 March 1930 and died on 10 June 2022 aged 92.

He was an architect of the Fleet Air Arm Association, along with others now departed.

  • The First President of the WA Division.
  • The First President of the Fleet Air Arm Association.
  • The First Life Member of the Association and of WA Division.
  • He was an Advocate and Pensions Officer for over 20 years.

I’m sure there will be many/many people wishing to pay their respects to him and to his Family.

Date of Birth  27 March 1930
Location Blackwood WA
Date of Entry 20 February 1950
Category on Entry Recruit Naval Airman
Date of Discharge 19 February 1956
Category on Disch Leading Air Mechanic – Ordnance
Squadrons 21st CARRIER GROUP
Operational Service  Korea October 1951 – January 1952


We have lost the man we so much admired and loved.

Yours in Sympathy

Keith Taylor, Secretary WA Division