Good afternoon to all;

I was informed on 10 June 2022  of the passing of Mr Theo Bushe-Jones W1093.

An architect of the Fleet Air Arm Association along with others now departed.

  • The First President of the WA Division
  • The First President of the Fleet Air Arm Association
  • The First Life Member of the Association and of WA Division
  • He was an Advocate and Pension’s Officer for over 20 years

I’m sure there will be many/many people wishing to pay their respects to him and to his Family.

I will keep you informed of Funeral Details.

I’m sure our President Greg will pause this Sunday’s Meeting to pay respect to Him and call  for a silent tribute,

To-Day we have lost the Man we so much admired and loved.

Yours in Sympathy

Yours aye,

Keith Taylor, Secretary WA Division