Join The FAAAA (Special Offer)

How to Apply to join the FAA Association of Australia

Thank you for thinking about joining the FAAAA to continue to receive “FlyBy” magazine (as well as all the other benefits).

All you have to do is fill out a simple electronic form. Once we receive it, we will then send you an email acknowledging your application and giving further details.

Before clicking on the button, you might want to read the notes below which will talk a bit about which Division you might like to join, and the annual subscription fee you will be asked to pay.


Being a Full member of the FAAAA entitles you to:

  • Four issues of our quarterly magazine ‘Slipstream’ per annum;
  • A monthly electronic newsletter;
  • Access to commercial discounts, offers and benefits as they occur from time to time (presented on our website);
  • Advice regarding welfare, where possible;
  • Access to the “Members Only” section of the website, and
  • The camaraderie of belonging to a unique club of special people.


Each State except NT has its own Division.  Each has different fees and has slightly different management styles in the way they administer members.   Normally,  people join the Division of their own State, particularly if they are living in the Capital City or nearby (or Nowra environs for NSW) as these are generally where meetings and social gatherings occur.  NT members are usually administered by QLD.

There is no reason why any person of any address can’t join any Division of their choice, however.  Simply enter your preference on the membership application form, when you fill it out.  If you subsequently move to another Division there are no transfer costs or differential refunds.


Each Division sets its own fees, as follows:



That's It! Please now click on the button to apply