DOYLE, Kevin “Ripper”

DOYLE, Kevin “Ripper”

We have been advised that Kev ‘Ripper’ Doyle, late of Junction Street Nowra, crossed the bar in the week commencing 10 August 2020. 

The Funeral was held on Wednesday 19th August at St Michaels Church in Nowra. 

If anyone can provide details of Kev’s life in the Service and afterwards, please can they use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the foot of this page. 


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  • bararna

    As a very young naval airman married and with a new baby my wife Arna and I were allocated a house in the patch (voyager road )and we’re lucky enough to have Patty and Kevin as our neighbours. They have always been special to us and they may not have realised how much their friendship helped us at the time. Kevin was always larger than life: happy,tough and a man’s man. You were a legend RIPPER. RIP mate – always in our thoughts, BARRY AND ARNA THATCHER

    September 1, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    As a very young tiffie AA3 I was permitted to have a beer or two at the WETS where it always seemed to me that Ripper was in attendance with ‘Pop Stark’ at the helm – making sure that I and fellow cohorts were properly serviced. Ripper, you were always happy and tough when it was needed, especially when there was a bit of “banter” in your mess regards to us young upstart tiffies amalgamating into your brotherhood. ( we liked beer too! ) Interestingly I never saw you with spanners in hand on aircraft, and it never bothered me as I presumed you reached your own subordinate specialisation apart from ‘normal’ Sqn and Station duties – and you did that in spades – keeping us “junior maintainers” properly lubricated and otherwise as required supervised “tiffie bashing” within your magnificent establishment. R.I.P. Kevin ‘Ripper’ Doyle. Cheers, Al. Dickie.

    September 6, 2020 at 6:26 pm

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