Gratton, Alby ‘Slack’

Gratton, Alby ‘Slack’

We have been advised that Alby Gratton passed away on or about 18 December 2019. He was reported as a well known figure in that area and a very popular person. 

If anybody can provide further details on his life, please use the ‘contact us’ box at the foot of this page.

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  • Rasputin

    Slack Grattan actually passed away in Hopetoun WA……….on 10/12/2019……. I buried him in the Hopetun Cemetery Myself………
    Slack who was known as Alby, spent 35 years in the WA Kimberly, where he was widely know as a man who could fix anything, everybody who lives above the 26 parallel can mechanic and weld, but Alby shone as among the best…………There was a time when an obviously mad woman wanted to marry him and take him back to London where she owned a museum, I think we all know what she was thinking, a sort of Paul Hogan character…………..Slack passed away from Diabetes, a disease tailor made for heavy drinking Sailors…………….He never blamed anybody, and the surgeon who removed his right leg some 5 years ago said, to me,” Ive never met a man with no fear at all in my life before”, he was calm and never changed his attitude throughout life……….
    Nick Roberts

    March 1, 2020 at 12:23 pm
  • Melbourne

    I only knew Slack when we did our aircraft mechanics course at Albatross,a great guy.Later i learned that he was at a cattle station near Fitzroy Crossing,tried to get in contact with but never did,regretable
    Dan van Amstel

    March 8, 2020 at 6:49 pm

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