John Mead, a former member of the Fleet Air Arm Association, left us on Wednesday 17 June 2020, at 0300.

Towards the end of WW2 John served in the RAN as an AB on Fairmile boats operating out of Wewak New Guinea, before returning to the Army as a Maintenance Officer in the Armoured Corps.

He spent a lot of time at Echuca where he developed a love for steam powered boats on the Murray River. John also spent a lot of time sailing, both here and overseas. 

John’s next move was to go to Japan bring back the Landing craft which the Army had purchased for the Light Ship Squadron. It was decided that John needed some heavy ship experience so the Army sent him to the Navy where he served as the Engineering Officer aboard HMAS Queensborough, and the carrier HMAS Melbourne. It was during this time that John developed an affiliation with the FAA.

At this time John was a Major. He did so well as an engineer officer that the Navy offered him a position, so he transferred over.

Towards the end of his Navy days, John was the Engineering Officer on HMAS Sydney (also known as the “Vung Tau Ferry”), so he probably took some of his former Army comrades to and from Vietnam. He retired from Navy with rank of Commander.

Post Navy, John worked in the offshore oil Industry . He retired to Western Australia and became a favourite amongst Members of the WA Fleet Air Arm Association. John was presented with a Certificate of Service for 15 years as a Member whilst in Hospital in Perth, before returning to Dongara where he lived. His deteriorating health eventually required him to move to Victoria, however, where his son & daughter resided.