We have been advised of the death of Mark Measday, in Mackay (QLD) in March of 2020. 

Regrettably, our details on both the life and death of Mark are few.   We know he completed 97 Pilot’s Course at RAAF Pearce and graduated as a Naval Pilot.  We also know he subsequently competed a Skyhawk A4 OFT, but left the Navy soon afterwards to study Law and Medicine before qualifying as a Doctor.   

Mark subsequently worked at Mackay for many years in Emergency, Anaesthesia and Retrievals.

He was a complex man, of great intellect, sometimes hard to get to know or to fathom, but was described as extremely kind and having a deep sense of ironic view of life and a tremendous curiosity about the world.

Mark was always fascinating by philosophical questions of existence, consciousness and artificial intelligence and the like.

He left this world feeling very proud to be part of FAA, and to be a proud father of Bianca & Nicoletta.