Bungy joined the RAN on 01 Jul 1967 and left the FAA in 1984, when he transferred to the Work Study Branch following the demise of the Fixed Wing element.

When he transferred Branch he was a POATWO, having served on HMA Ships Melbourne and Sydney, HMAS Albatross, HMAS Harman (each on several occasions), HMAS Coonawarra, HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Lonsdale, Navy HQ and HQ Naval Support Command as well as 725, 805, 851, 816 and 725 squadrons.

He was serving in HMAS Melbourne when she collided with the USS Frank E. Evans and was recognised by DVA as a TPI recipient when he passed away.

He paid off on 30 Jun 1987 and went on to become a Federal Police officer. In that capacity, he served as a peacekeeper in Nauru and the Solomon Islands.

Sadly, Bungy passed away on 26 Oct 2019 in Hervey Bay, leaving his wife, Karen.